Defendry LLC was founded with a singular mission: STOP active shooters and save lives through the use of advanced technologies. Defendry was launched in January 2019 utilizing cutting edge, AI threat detection software developed by Dr. Sean Huver, a former Bell Labs research scientist and veteran of numerous United States Department of Defense DARPA projects.

Defendry’s team is comprised of proven innovators, engineers, and scientists who are passionately-driven to provide affordable, sophisticated products that can help solve the current, tragic active shooter epidemic.



Due to recent neuroscience advances, the human brain can be rewired in targeted ways that profoundly enhance human performance, cognition, creative capacity, learning speed, health, and even longevity. Using proprietary, cutting-edge neurotechnology, Optios helps the world’s most elite performers unlock their brain’s exponential capacity and their performance. Optios applies neuroscience in practical and powerful ways that help elite performers, teams, and organizations gain a competitive edge.



OccamzRazor is an AI-neuroscience startup that uses machine learning to find and develop curative treatments for Parkinson’s. OccamzRazor is building the first ever complete map of a disease providing an understanding of how the disease works, identifying biomarkers, developing new therapeutic targets and evaluating the effectiveness of treatments. With this map, navigating the intricacies of the brain and revealing new hidden connections to find the quickest path to a cure becomes possible.