Defendry LLC was founded with a singular mission: STOP active shooters and save lives through the use of advanced technologies. Defendry was launched in January 2019 utilizing cutting edge, AI threat detection software developed by Dr. Sean Huver, a former Bell Labs research scientist and veteran of numerous United States Department of Defense DARPA projects.

Defendry’s team is comprised of proven innovators, engineers, and scientists who are passionately-driven to provide affordable, sophisticated products that can help solve the current, tragic active shooter epidemic.



Claimatic® helps insurance claims administrators plan and provide a positive claims experiences to policyholders. Claimatic® is a cloud-based, insurtech SaaS company that has developed proprietary algorithms that streamline and automates claims assignments intelligently, matching the right resources to address all aspects of each claim, using real-time, dynamic data.



BuildGroup is an operator-led investment company that provides permanent capital to entrepreneurs helping them build the next generation of technology businesses. The company back founders who are ambitious enough to want to make a dent in the universe and humble enough to realize they can’t do it alone, working side-by-side with them to create conditions for long-term growth, focusing on serving customers instead of raising the next round.

IAS Claim Services


IAS Claim Services is a leading independent insurance adjusting firm providing nationwide general claim services, staffing services and third-party administration that offers a team of qualified professionals with seamless integration. The Company offers property and casualty insurance claims adjusting services. IAS Claim Services engages over 5,000 of the industry’s most experienced and service-focused Independent Adjusters throughout the United States and has the capability of handling complex, large-volume challenging claims.

Strong Coffee Company


Strong Coffee Company produces healthy, premixed coffee powder that includes instant organic coffee, grass-fed collagen protein, and MCT oil powder designed to fuel mind and body.

FOND Bone Broth


FOND Bone Broth produces artisan, locally sourced, sipping bone broths prepared using traditional French preparation methods with a twist of modern mixology. The company’s mission is to inspire families to healthier eating opportunities.

Canvas 1839


Canvas 1839 produces premium CBD products to help people feel better, naturally and easily. Products are formulated with a focus on high bioavailability and are completely non-psychoactive. Canvas 1839 sources only USA-grown, highest quality, hemp cannabinoids that contain no pesticides, no parabens, no herbicides, no GMOs and no known major allergens.

Leland Lodge


Leland Lodge is a boutique lodge nestled in the heart of the Leelanau peninsula in Northern Michigan, uniquely situated between Lake Leelanau and Lake Michigan. Just a few blocks from historic Fishtown, the Lodge boasts 18 rooms, 3 on-site cottages, and an upscale restaurant with locally sourced food options.



Haven is a membership-based, purpose driven, wellness co-living community. Currently located throughout California, Haven provides an engaging place to live, and a community which unites people with common passion for health and wellness, who are seeking growth, enrichment, and a sense of connection.



Stylust is a personal online shopping assistant with a team of Digital Retail Specialists helping consumers find exactly what they want with ease. The digital shopping service enables social and conversational commerce for users to easily order products via text messaging.